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springfield hospital redevelopment frequently asked questions

Estate Modernisation Procurement

Keep up-to-date with the latest procurement information on the Estate Modernisation Programme and download all the key documents.

The Master Developer

In order to ensure the development is completed as soon as possible the entire estate will be sold to one Master Developer. The Trust can not sell small parts of the development to individual developers. 

The Master Developer will be responsible for building our two new hospitals (at Springfield and Tolworth) and will employ their own sub consultants. It will be the responsibility of the Master Developer to arrange all of this. The Trust will not be involved in procuring anyone else for this work. As such, once the Master Developer is selected, small businesses should approach them directly regarding services and equipment.

Please note that the current short list of developers are a consortium of large companies and therefore likely to have their own supply chain. Organisations are welcome to approach the master developer, once selected, directly but it will be outside of the Trust’s remit to recommend or introduce organisations to the developer. 

The Trust anticipates the developer will be selected by mid-September 2017.  

Selection of a development partner

The Trust has a three stage process to select the right development partner to deliver the whole of the Estate Modernisation Programme. The second stage of this process was a key milestone for the Trust and involved selecting the ‘Short List’ of three development partners.

The three development partners selected to move on to the next stage are:


  • Macquarie Corporate Holdings Pty Ltd & Kier Construction Ltd

  • Notting Hill Housing Trust & MACE Ltd

  • STEP (Kajima Partnerships and Sir Robert McAlpine Capital Ventures Ltd


The final stage will be to continue dialogue with the three development partners listed above before choosing the preferred development partner.

Appointment of advisers

The Trust gained planning permission for the Estate Modernisation Programme in 2012. Since then the Trust has appointed key advisers, procured using our governance processes and as a result of competitive tender. These advisers have been appointed until the Financial close of the programme and as a result the Trust are not looking for any more advice or advisers to guide this programme. 

Key documents



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Is this information accurate and up-to-date?

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