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carers and confidentiality

Acute and urgent care

The Acute and Urgent Care service line helps patients to be supported through crises.

This might be in one of our inpatient wards, but is more likely to be in one of our community services which have been designed to help patients to build resilience, support each other and develop new ways of managing crises within a wider recovery-based model, without resorting to traditional emergency services such as A&E and inpatient wards.

Find out more about the service line


Key clinical contacts

Clinical Director  (interim) 

 Dr Sean Whyte

Head of Service Delivery

 Mark Clenaghan

Head of Nursing and Quality

 Beverley Baldwin

Matron – Urgent Care

 Jimmy Cangy

Matron – Tolworth and QMH

 Sharon Putt

Matron – Springfield

 Gina Mogan

Matron – HTT/Liaison

 Russell Childs









hp general adult...

Forensic psychiatry

Our forensic psychiatry specialty training posts are part of a wider training programme.

The South London Forensic Psychiatry Training Programme is a three year scheme leading to an award of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in Forensic Psychiatry. Training posts are based at four Trusts that run major forensic services, and two world-class academic institutions:

South East Training programme:  Director Dr Rachel Daly

South West (St George's): Training programme director Dr Seán Whyte

Broadmoor Hospital: Allocator Dr Fin Larkin

West London Mental Health NHS Trust, hosts posts from both parts of the South London scheme

Trainees will be based in either the South-East or the St George's parts of the scheme, but during the three years will spend up to 12 months in posts on the other part of the scheme, plus 3-12 months (typically 6) at Broadmoor Hospital.

At least one post will be for 12 months. Generally a trainee's initial placement will be in medium security. Other posts may be for 6 or 12 months' depending on training needs and individual preferences. The changeover to different posts is in August and February. Trainees are an integral part of the services and teams to which they are attached.

Trainees remain under the tutelage of the same training programme director (TPD) throughout the rotation.

Training plans are discussed at the initial interview with the TPD at the beginning of the training programme and thereafter at regular intervals.

Find out more about our training scheme for forensic psychiatry here.

hp medical psychotherapy

Medical psychotherapy

Our psychotherapy training scheme is part of a pan-London training programme led by UCL Partners.

There are five posts on the Trust scheme:

  • 3 posts in dynamic psychotherapy
  • 1 post with dual accreditation in CBT and general adult psychiatry
  • 1 post with dual accreditation in forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy.

There is an additional training post in Surrey that is part of our scheme for the academic and peer group input.

Our training programme director is Dr Jale Cilasun.

Read more our training schemes here and about our research here.




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